Jan 12th, 2017

Ep 67: Visibility: Grow your business without being narcissistic

There isn’t a single entrepreneur or business owner (myself included) that hasn’t struggled with putting ourselves out there.  Getting to the root cause of the resistance and fear around it is the key to gaining visibility, growing your business, and ultimately more customers. This episode was inspired by a conversation I had with Michele McGlade [...]

Jan 10th, 2017

Ep. 66: Amonda Rose Igoe

The Speaking Goddess, Amonda Rose Igoe, candidly shares her challenges around the art of speaking.  The horrible communicator became an expert in public speaking.   After 5 years as a Social Worker, Amonda Rose made the conscious choice to move into her calling.  She had no job in place.  No other income.  She took a [...]

Dec 29th, 2016

Ep. 63: Leaving 2016 Behind – Bless and Release

Grab your suitcase and pack your bags because you are leaving your past behind with a one-way ticket to 2017!  Let’s face it, we all have stuff we could have done differently. Whether you accomplished all you wanted to in 2016 or not, it’s time to start the new year FRESH!   My mission is [...]

Dec 27th, 2016

Ep. 62: Lisa Marie Pepe

From living what she would call a mediocre existence to embracing her calling.  An undiagnosed injury as a result of a car accident forced Lisa Marie Pepe to leave her career as a Massage Therapist.  Her deep depression and being fired from a telemarketing job propelled her to examine herself on a deeper level. These [...]

Dec 23rd, 2016

I’m feeling Grinchy and I’m ok with that.

Christmastime brings up feelings of nostalgia for me.  It’s a time of reflection on the past year, life’s meaning, and a time of hope and birth of new beginnings. A time to not only reflect on the past but also to focus on the hopes for the future. A time when Christians celebrate the birth [...]