Ep 34: Kristi Dosh – Increasing your Publicity

Kristi Dosh is a corporate attorney turned SportsBiz Miss, blogger, having her own weekly television segment and sports business analyst for ESPN. She has written for Glamour, Men’s Health and Woman’s Day.  She is a self-proclaimed opportunity addict.

She talks candidly about how she stumbled upon the publicity niche by accident and turned her skills into a profitable business. She shares that “trial and error” in business is ok and to be aware of false impressions of others successes.  She also talks about bombing the LSATs to get into law school and what that taught her about grit and determination.


Key takeaways:

Being consistent in showing up as yourself is key to avoiding confusion with your audience.

Keep putting yourself out there.

Biggest difference between those who succeed and those who don’t are the ones who don’t quit.


You can find Kristi at http://www.guidemybrand.com or in her Facebook Group at  The Visibility Workshop https://www.facebook.com/groups/GuideMyPersonalBrand/


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