Episode 8: Lisa May Huby : Why Your Words Are Like Money In The Bank

Lisa is an expert copywriter, making magic with words so you can make more money. In this powerful episode, she discusses why learning how to write great copy is the most valuable skill you can learn as an entrepreneur and how anyone (regardless of whether you think you can write or not) can learn the simple skills to writing better copy.  She shares some simple tangible strategies that you can implement RIGHT NOW in your business when it comes to writing your marketing copy. More importantly, she also shares with us the most common mistake entrepreneurs make when it comes to writing and how copywriting is different than writing a book or a blog.

To learn more about Lisa or to participate in her upcoming Words and Money Power Shot course, listeners can get a free copywriting lesson that will help them write better copy instantly at http://bit.ly/greatcopy, or visit http://wordsandmoney.com for information about the Words and Money Power Shot course.