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So let me guess, you are a lot like how I was just a short while ago, running a fairly successful business but feeling like there is MORE you could being doing to make a BIGGER IMPACT for you and your clients. The burning desire inside you to make a big impression on the world is driving you to enrich the lives of others while providing the HIGHEST possible quality of service.

6-Month 1:1 Program

Vibrant and Vital 1:1 Private Coaching

You are asking yourself, “Can I do this on my own?” “Do I have what it takes to build a six or even a seven figure business on my own?”  “Am I being realistic?” It is this inner voice that says  “How do I get there?” and “How do I do this?”  that keeps you up at night. Maybe even the idea of building a business THAT BIG scares the crap out of you while at the same time exhilarates YOU! You are scared and feel like you don’t have a clear direction or plan as to how to do this.  You need help articulating who you are and what your bigger business purpose is.  

You need a boost of confidence from someone who can be your biggest cheerleader.  You need someone to tell you, “You CAN do this and we are going to make it happen for you!” Part of you knows that you have the power within, but you just need a little push and an objective birds eye view as to how to get there.

And let me venture to say that what you DON’T NEED is one more self help book.  You don’t need more knowledge.  You don’t need any more shiny objects.  You don’t need a fancy business plan with percentages, facts, and figures.

What you DO need is:

  • Someone to hold you accountable
  • Someone to put you in a position where you HAVE TO figure it out.
  • Someone to ask YOU the right questions to help you focus.
  • Someone you can ask questions and bounce ideas off of.
  • Someone to banter ideas off of and strategize your success with you.
  • To stop trying to figure it all out on you own.

Listen, you know that there are no shortcuts in life.  You know that you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. You know that building anything that is going to stand the test of time is going to take some hard work and daily dedication.  You know that you need a coach who can see things clearly – things that you can’t see in the day to day operations of your business.

If this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place!  If you are ready for a coach with practical advice, tangible tools, and actionable strategies so you can stop feeling scared, gain confidence, and build your EMPIRE on your own terms, then you are the PERFECT person for this program.  

Let me and my team take care of you, cheer you on, and help you create YOUR VISION and bring it TO LIFE!

Live life on your own terms!

Together we can make your dream a reality! Financially and spiritually.

I AM READY! Lets’ talk!

Month 1

Get to know yourself and your ideal client – The CRITICAL step toward creating a successful business

Week 1 –

  • Gain clarity on your vision and who you are meant to serve
  • Identify the subconscious patterns that are keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself
  • Get guidance on your bigger picture and vision you want to create
  • Discover who YOU ARE at your core

Week 2 –

  • Using your story to attract more clients and start building your marketing strategy
  • Learn how to craft your story starting with WHY to attract more of your ideal clients
  • Unlock your mission and the impact you desire to make in the world
  • Get inside the minds of your ideal clients so you can begin to craft your message

Week 3 –

  • Master Your Money Mindset
  • Understand the subconscious messages that may be holding you back from success
  • Own Your Worth and Rock Your Confidence
  • Clean out the emotional closet in your head to open your abundance mindset
  • Foster your Wealth Factor

Week 4 –

  • Build Your Business Foundation
  • Create killer welcome packets, contracts, and client questionnaires
  • Set up backend systems, payment processing, email service providers and more
  • Streamline and simplify your business processes so you can avoid overwhelm and frustration
  • Take control over your calendar and prioritize
  • Create a vital game plan for health and wealth to avoid self-sabotage

I am ready to make my impact on the world!

I want to make six figures doing what I am meant to do!

I AM READY! Let’s talk!

Month 2

Brand Image and Self Care Mindset

Week 5 –

  • Create and pinpoint your brand and image so your message is clear
  • Learn what it takes to have a highly visible brand
  • Develop a brand that is uniquely YOU so your ideal client can find you
  • Feel confident and comfortable with your brand and the messaging

Week 6 –

  • Establish your WOW factor in your brand and image
  • Learn why creating brand is not just about your logo but about the total package
  • Design your brand and image that reflects where you want to be
  • Understand how important YOU are in congruent brand development
  • Develop a visual brand strategy that is a reflection of YOU and not someone else
  • Understand how every detail sends non-verbal messages to your ideal clients

Week 7 –

  • Set up daily routines for running your business and life successfully
  • Clean out the old mindset regarding your self esteem
  • Learn why self care is a MUST for service based entrepreneurs to avoid burnout
  • Create a self care plan for success

Week 8 –

  • Design and implement a road map for your future so that your success is a guarantee
  • Learn why knowing where you are heading is critical to developing a plan
  • Visualization to put you on the FAST TRACK to bringing your VISION to LIFE
  • Understand why daily visualization is as important to success as your business plan

I am ready to make my impact on the world!

I want to make six figures doing what I am meant to do!

I AM READY! Let’s talk!

Month 3

Packages, Programs, and Offerings

Week 9 –

  • Develop your packages, programs, and offerings
  • Lay out the basics of a low, medium and higher priced offerings
  • Identify your ideal clients pain points and how understanding what they are feeling impacts your message and social strategy
  • Design and structure your programs

Week 10 –

  • Create a week by week and month by month EXACT layout and plan for each of your services
  • Co-create your high, intermediate, and starter packages with me to entice your audience
  • Blueprint a winning strategy and content calendar to optimize your package delivery

Week 11 –

  • Continue to fine tune your offerings and packages so that you are providing the ultimate experience for you clients
  • Finalize and put finishing touches on your programs so you can be ready to market so your ideal client can’t wait to sign up
  • Learn what to charge and how to price your packages
  • Understand how your money mindset affects your pricing structure and how to overcome common blocks

Week 12 –

  • Plan your launch and map out your launch schedule
  • Create a lead magnet that your ideal customer has been waiting for
  • Design an email automation sequence that has your ideal clients anxiously waiting for the doors to open
  • Discover the fastest ways to get your list growing quickly
  • Outline a webinar or teleseminar to jump start your momentum and get your ideal clients following you

I am ready to make my impact on the world!

I want to make six figures doing what I am meant to do!

I AM READY! Let’s talk!

Month 4

Get Visible and Influential

Week 13 –

  • Begin to establish your online presence
  • Create a community of raving fans
  • Schedule and start promoting your webinar or teleclass so your tribe can find you

Week 14 –

  • Uplevel your vibe and open yourself up to receive abundance
  • Create a positive impact for others to follow
  • Understand how raising your vibe attracts others to want to work with you
  • Implement email marketing sequence to hook your ideal client and get them ready to buy

Week 15 –

  • Understand how to continue to build your list through lead magnets, teleseminars, and webinars
  • How and where to host your teleseminars and webinars
  • Engaging surveys and questionnaires for your ideal clients
  • Create actual surveys and questionnaires to drive future business

Week 16 –

  • Gain momentum to launch your killer programs
  • Create killer content for your webinar and set a date
  • Promote your free webinar through your specific social media channels
  • Design a sales funnel before you launch your website so that when you do, your ideal clients are anxiously waiting for what you have to offer

I am ready to make my impact on the world!

I want to make six figures doing what I am meant to do!

I AM READY! Let’s talk!

Month 5

Creating a Killer Website (View Details)

Week 17 –

  • Working side by side your web design team to discuss your ideal template (WebEx Demo)
  • Selection of your website template to maximize your impact and online image
  • Make writing content for your website easy with content template provided
  • Implementation of WordPress hosting environment setup by website developer

Week 18 –

  • Creating killer content for your website including what to include and what not to include
  • Content implementation (may take longer than 1 week for content implementation)
  • Choose Imagery to attract your ideal client and speak your message clearly (supplied by client for formatting per selected template)
  • How a Basic Home Page Image Slider makes a HUGE statement
  • Implementation of chosen imagery into your new website so your clients say, “WOW”!

Week 19 –

  • Streamlining your process with Opt-IN form integration (homepage only) so you are
  • Social Media linking from your website to your social media platforms so you can gain even more followers
  • Paypal linking (link out to up to 3 products/programs)

Week 20 –

  • Review new website and testing for quality assurance
  • Final Sign Off
  • Google Analytics Integration so you can track your website traffic and conversions so you can see what pages are being visited
  • DNS Changeover (may require additional steps from current hosting company – troubleshooting DNS changeover not included)
  • Final production launch!

I am ready to make my impact on the world!

I want to make six figures doing what I am meant to do!

I AM READY! Let’s talk!

Month 6

Social Media Made Simple

Week 21 –

  • 2 Hour Skype or Google Hang Out Session with Social Media expert to determine your social strategy
  • Looking at the overarching social goals and focuses for your business
  • Exact targeting of your audience so you don’t spin your wheels
  • Determine which platforms you should be on so you aren’t wasting time and money and getting overwhelmed.
  • Best practices and guidelines for different platforms
  • How to implement your branding across all your social channels so your clients are totally clear on what you offer

Week 22 –

  • 1 Hour Skype or Google Hang Out Session to review your newly created social strategy
  • A review of what social channels to use
  • The best times to post to optimize your return on your time investment
  • Optimal resources for your images and content depending on your ideal client
  • Creating a budget for social advertising

Week 23 –

  • 1 Hour Skype or Google Hang Out Session to review a week’s worth of posts and get feedback
  • Co-create your first week of posts to get the momentum and excitement going for your launch
  • Making sure your message and brand are exactly what you want your ideal clients to experience

Week 24 –

  • Full program wrap-up with Dr. Amy
  • Final Q&A

So, are you ready?

Let’s talk and get you where you are meant to be!

Book a Discovery Call now!

I AM READY! Let’s talk!

Additional Details

Your program includes:

  • A comprehensive Welcome Packet to establish clarity on what you want to accomplish over the course of the program so we can work together to make it happen, as well as give me complete perspective on your history as an entrepreneur so I know how to move forward.
  • A 2-hour Intensive (via Skype or phone) to start off your program with goal setting and wealth consciousness work to establish a strong foundation for the time we work together.
  • Weekly homework assignments designed to build a strong foundation of success for your life and business.
  • Weekly Call recordings you can have and access forever.
  • Weekly (24 in total) One-on-One 60 min Coaching Sessions (via Skype or Phone) to cover program material and keep you on track with your goals
  • Additional Resources & Referrals – you’ll have access to my inner circle of professionals and industry experts (website and branding experts, Copywriters, Social Media Strategists, Coaches, etc.) as well as resources, homework, and tools to keep you fully supported and ensure your success.
  • Access to my personal templates, checklists, and insider tips because you are my VIP client.
  • E-mail Access during the course of the program for urgent questions & support.
  • Facebook group community access for an additional layer of support and group accountability.